Devon Cliffs Entertainment Passes

Passes and Newmans Holiday Packages

When booking with Newmans Holiday Homes, we will provide you with a price of what your party’s entertainment passes will cost.

PLEASE NOTE – WE DO NOT TAKE PAYMENT for entertainment passes, this has to be done by calling Devon Cliffs direct on 01395 226 226 or you can purchase your passes upon arrival.

All the necessary instructions for booking the on-site entertainment passes can be found in your Holiday Confirmation Letter.

*Passes that are purchased within 7 days of your arrival will incur a £2 per pass charge



Off Peak 7 Nights
Off Peak 3/4 Nights
Peak 7 Nights
Peak 3/4 Nights

Please note if your holiday overlaps between peak and off peak dates then you will be charged the price of where the most days of your stay lie.

Passes are not refundable or transferable. In the event you lose your pass then you will be charged the full price for a replacement.


Haven Entertainment and Facility Passes are issued by Devon Cliffs upon arrival at reception and they allow your entire party access to the indoor family entertainment centre housing the clubs, bars and food courts.

You will also receive full access to the indoor and outdoor heated pools, kids and teen clubs, and the day and evening entertainment. 

We advise purchasing passes should you wish to take full advantage of Haven’s largest all action holiday park.


What is accessible without Passes?
Upon check-in, you will not be issued with any Passes. However, you will still have access to many of the park facilities such as:

  • Super Market
  • Gift Shop
  • The South Beach bar/restaurant
  • Starbucks

Peak Dates for 2018 (inclusive):

  • Will be released in March 2018

Who gets a Pass?
Children aged between 4 – 15 years old will receive a child’s pass and ages of 16 and above will be receive and adult pass.

Under 4’s are not issued an entertainment pass and will have free entry to facilities.

How do I pay for my Passes?
Once you have made your booking with Newmans, you can pay for your entertainment passes by either:

  • Calling Haven direct on 01395 226 226
  • Filling out the Haven Pass Registration Form on your Holiday Confirmation Letter and sending a cheque via post addressed to Devon Cliffs
  • Purchasing your passes upon arrival (will incur £2 per pass fee)

Haven Pass Registration Form

Once the full balance for your holiday accommodation has been paid to Newmans, you will be sent final confirmation together with a Haven Pass Registration Form.

You can then sign the form and forward this to Haven Devon Cliffs along with the appropriate pass fee indicated on your booking confirmation.

*Please note that Devon Cliffs require full payment at least 14 days in advance of your arrival, or you will be charged an additional £2.00 per pass.

*Individual Passes can be purchased on the day of arrival or thereafter from the main reception.

Arriving within the next 7 days?
As per Haven's policy, if you have booked within 7 days of arrival then you will be charged an extra £2.00 per pass.

 Activity Passes
Activity passes, which cover such things as Archery Coaching, Aquajets, Water Walkerz and Fencing Coaching, cannot be pre-booked but can be purchased from Devon Cliffs reception whilst you are on holiday.

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